***Ramadhan Flashmob are back***

With Ramadhan here once again, we share our food and the charitable spirit of this month!

See www.fastingnotfeasting.weebly.com for more!

***A generous start to 2010!***

Come on cool folk, bring some food, bring a friend, and share the love this new year, with the homeless and beyond!

It's the same old story, but for a whole new dawn, to mark the start of 2010!

Who will you be sharing your food and joyful spirit with???

Follow the live new year's blog to keep up with sharing spots near you, or better still, create your own!

Best wishes for a spiritual start to the new year :)

***From Ramadhan flashmobs to eid-mobs!***

With the sighting of the moon, and the arrival of the celebratory occasion of Eid, Muslims shall be marking the festivities by continuing the flashmob story with eid-mobs!

Eid is a time of joy, a time of reunion, a time of gratefulness and a time of reflection. It is also a time of sharing, all of these, with those around us, and so watch out for all colours, shapes and sizes of eid-mobs coming near you!

The question remains:

'Who will you be sharing your Eid celebration with???'

Check out the Live blog of Eid Mobs to keep up with the continuing fun of this months flashmobbing activity and to jump onboard with all the fun!

Over and out.

***Return of the Flashmob***

With the sighting of the moon and the advent of Ramadhan, entities known as 'fasting Muslims' are organising themselves in flashmobs, following on from their antics with the homeless last year...

Carrying a spirit of care and share, topped with creativity & this years motto: 'wherever you are, share your iftar', they are out on a mission to share their food with as many people across the vast shores of England.

These flashmobs may be spotted at the setting of the sun, wearing their smiles and sharing their goods. In corners small and courtyards large, streets and drives, homes and workplaces...they're most likely closer to you than you thought!

In all they do, the flashmobs ask but one question:

'Who will you be sharing your iftar with this Ramadhan???'

Check out the Live sharing blog, and sharing spots pages to keep up with the activity of this years flashmobs and to jump onboard the flashmob flight.

Over and out.